Sunday, October 23, 2016

Edible nail polish ... #thatexists

Isn't this what polish addicts have always been dreaming of? ... Edible nail polish. And KFC flavored at that! There's original recipe (brown) and hot and spicy (red), made of all natural ingredients, so that you can paint your nails with it, it dries, and you can continue to lick it all day! ... I swear am not making this up, nor is this some sort of prank. It's a real thing.

And of course, like everything fabulously strange, it come from Asia - these were marketed in Hong Kong recently, to mixed results. Being the polish addict that I am  - not in the sense of eating nail polish, just the normal kind of acquiring and hoarding - I'd love to try this just once for the sheer oddity value ... don't think I'd add it to my regular manicure regimen though.

Anyhoo, the male model from the ads is pretty finger-lickin good, just sayin' ...

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