Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blast from the Past: InDecisive Lacquer Neon Speckled

This is an old manicure of mine, way back in November of 2013! But I can't remember if I've ever posted it anyplace, and I really enjoyed looking at it again going through my manicure photos! This is InDecisive Lacquer's amazing Neon Speckled collection, in Blue and Pink, which I put over complementary colors. Unfortunately I can't remember what the pink is (I may not even have it anymore!) but the blue is Nina Blue La La.

I was privileged to communicate with Aleksandra, the brain behind InDecisive Lacquer and she is the nicest person :) I was a huge fan of Speckled Black and White, so when she was developing colored neon versions, I got a few of the very first bottles. I immediately wanted to do a matchy pos-neg sort of deal to show off the speckles! It actually turned out so bright and contrasted that the colors kind of wigged out my camera - they sort of bleed in a weird way in the photos! (This was my old camera, by the way, with worse resolution as well.)

InDecisive Lacquer's Etsy store is on vacation right now, but it looks like the Speckled series are still around, in a variety of colors, not to mention other interesting stuff. I've said it an I'll say it again: these Speckled polishes are must-haves. The colors and grades of "dots" you just can't find anywhere else, and she was into the "confetti" glitter topper way before it became a mainstream thing! :)

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  1. i miss you 3: hope you're doing ok! <3
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