Thursday, April 9, 2015

Snail gold

My grandma's necklace

Where does the real necklace begin and the tat end?

I recently got some new Essies and I'm kind of into greens right now; Essie Navigate-her is a really earthy pale green, very much on the yellow side, beautiful in a perverse sort of way that makes me think of little nubile grass shoots this April.

These little gold water decals made me think of a snail shell next to this color polish. As I'm addicted the 3d bling at this point, added some tiny gold accents, like dewdrops perhaps.

Also found some temporary "bling tattoos" in the chaos of my room and finally played with them; my favorite element of the tat sheet is the stick-on bracelet effect; a gold chain you can put wherever you like and add "charms." A gold chain goes partway around my wrist and ends in a star.

My maternal grandmother, perhaps my only relative with genuine fashion sense, left me a bunch of great pieces of jewelry; I completed my gold theme today with her gold pearl drop necklace. I was feeling earthy, but perhaps a bit watery too!

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