Thursday, April 9, 2015

the beginning of a beautiful friendship

bow accent nail + Fruits

Pure Ice Blue Midnight is one of my favs

"What a cute little nail!"
I'm obsessed with Japanese street fashion lately; reading book anthology of Fruits magazine I got at the library ... and at the same time got "back" into nails. I think elaborate painting wasn't my thing; my "thing" may in fact be "plain" manicures and then gluing a bunch of crap on my nails, aka decora or 3d nail art, partially inspired by the kind of insane colorful awesome stuff they do in Japan - in nails and in street fashion.

I experimented with an accent pinkie, and loved the result. Pure Ice Blue Midnight is one of my favorite mattes of all time, from that hard to find velvet/velours collection (during the LE Pure Ice Blitz of 2013), a really shimmery cool-hued blue with a matte finish. I paired it with Nfu Oh 63, which is a nude-y pink holo that I didn't realize was also matte finish til I put it on (I was going to add matte topcoat).

The adorable little peachy bows I've had from Born Pretty for a while, but almost didn't think it was "me" until now - now I am addicted, and I want to order a thousand more bows next time I put in an order! These particular ones (and the same style in different colors) are sold out right now, but there are tons of other acrylic bows to play with on that site.

I wore this manicure out, literally, for about 5 days until I had to redo it in order to photograph it; this is my second coat so to speak, and the texture was kinda sloppier this time, oh well.

Have I mentioned gay dudes are the best? The guy who is always working at Ragstock, an indy clothing store downtown, said to me as I checked out "Oh, what a cute little nail!" :)

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