Friday, May 29, 2015

Sprout for Spring

I got into a very springtime mood, and was inspired by my new Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Crochet, a lovely cloud-like mixture of many sizes of white and sky blue, which just screams the idyllicism of spring. I put it over a gentle warm grey, Covergirl Outlast Non-stop Stone, a really great neutral that is somewhere between tan and grey, but not actually the full intensity of a greige. (Hold it up to any other grey and you will see the tan come out!) Finally, I added some nail stud shapes to form the two petals of a little green sprout, which I painted with Pure Ice Wild Thing (appropriately!).

The little sprout I'm holding? That's actually a bookmark! I found these at a local gift store; they have a little wedge base so that they nudge into the crease of your book when it's folded open ... or you can sick it in the page going up from the top like a regular bookmark too! It was too cute to pass up - it came in a 6 pack, so I began giving them as gifts to all my literary friends as well. You can get your own set here. Happy spring!

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