Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fashion nails! ~ Blog win!

I've finally found someone as obsessed with the NAILS on the high fashion runways as the clothes!

You don't know how hard it is until you've tried to find good pictures or any sort of spotlighting on the manicures that go with contemporary runway shows - much less anyone talking about what colors they are or showing the designs up close. And if they do, they're scattered around every random fashion article along with all the other stuff about the collection, and you're lucky if they actually tell you the color (and then usually only if it's some partnership between the polish company and the designer!)

This blogger even tries out the styles herself! - Even though it hasn't been updated this year, I am right about the same point she is at in catching up on the runway shows from previous seasons, so I'm happy. I love most of all to find photos, details, and even an example collected all in one place, at least a good amount of them if not up to the minute!

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