Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pink n Glamrock

I've been meaning to wear Nina Glamrock for literally years - it's one of the first polishes I ever bought, and it's a gorgeous slate grey/silver made of tons of glitter. I finally decided to use it as an accent to break up an "obnoxious" pink mani! The pink is Revlon Bubbly, which is kind of the perfect bubblegum shade, bright without being neon, and nicely balanced between warm and cool. Unfortunately it's an old shade now, and mine had a horrible formula - it was globby and elasticky and didn't cover very well. Presumably Revlon has improved their formula since, but as far as I know this shade is no longer around. In any case, it made a fun sweet-and-edgy manicure, with Glamrock and a silver skull charm. I topped it off - or bottomed it off, really - with a couple bracelets, including my sky blue PVC changeable-letter bracelet. I modified it from Born Pretty and bought some silver slider letters to spell out whatever I'm into at the moment!

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