Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Revlon Chamma-leeyun ... I mean Chameleon

I'm happy to see Revlon Chameleon join the company's core line now - the market needs a really cool gold duochrome, and this is it! I was using this one for frankening, then decided to wear it by itself, and fell in love with the unusual greeny-gold shifting tones. It definitely changes with the light you're in, and for that reason never gets boring! It's a natural pair for gold jewelry, obviously; I got these, like most of my jewelry, from Born Pretty.

Side note: It is now impossible for me to see this polish without thinking "Chamma-leeyun," thanks to How I Met Your Mother. It's one of my favorite jokes of the series, in which Ted got to adulthood not knowing the correct pronunciation of the word "chameleon."

The episode goes on to talk about "knowledge gaps" or things that everyone knows that your friends randomly have misconceptions about, (e.g. Robin thinking Antarctica is a made up place) which is an interesting concept as well as having hilarious results! Try talking about this knowledge gap thing with your friends - you'll learn some bizarre things! (For my part, I always thought baby carrots were actually grown that size and shape; a friend in college informed me they're just small-ish carrots filed into smaller, skinless pieces.)

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