Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jacqueline Taieb

٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡ .....  I am OBSESSED with Jacqueline Taieb!!! ..... ٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡

I got a random book and then CD from my library about ye-ye singers from the 60s, and my favorite songs by far from the compilation were both by her! So of course I listened to them over and over, learned them in French, translated them into English and loved them EVEN MORE (if that's possible!).

"La coeur au bout de droigts" is possibly my new favorite song of all time/my theme song ... A wonderful person on a forum translated it beautifully, and I'm in love with this song especially. Taieb is an amazing songwriter as well as singer!

This is my other favorite song from the compilation - a beautiful bookend to the other song IMO, slinky and a bit sadder but the same sophisticated rock feel!

The funny thing is, according to the liner notes from the compilation CD I was listening to, she was obsessed with England - sound familiar? I guess she was just stuck in France like I am stuck in the US lol ... The only difference being she was into Paul McCartney (she wrote "7 heur de matins" about him) and I'm into George Harrison.

I love her earthy sophistication mixed with 60's french pop (ye-ye); I've been a fan of all things 1960s for as long as I can remember, but I love discovering new dimensions to the 1960s culture. IMO her songs just surpass the other ye-ye girls, even the less bubblegum ones, because catchy though they are they have a sort of jazz feel and really complex lyrics.

Not gonna lie, I'm also obsessed with her little 60's bob/bowlcut hairdo! Also, it seems they almost tried to downplay her biracial-ness on TV and such in the 60's, where she appears more white, but on the cover of her album she looks more black; anyway she was born in Tunisia, so I assume she is Tunisian-French. She's just gorgeous - I am just so into her in so many ways!

Unfortunately, she is rather "indy" (at least over here in the US) because I cannot find anything except "The French Madamoiselle" compilation CD; "Jacqueline Taieb is Back" is too expensive ($56!) and those are the only ones I could find (at least not on vinyl - I'm not THAT indy! lol) I kinda want "Lolita Chick '68" too, but don't know where I would get it! ...

Anyway, I ordered TFM from the UK - can't wait to listen to them all and add them to my personal music library!! The two songs I already have are pretty much my constant driving soundtrack. It will be great to have more!

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