Friday, July 3, 2015

Coffee and TV

Coffee is my drug of choice. I'm up to about 6 cups a day. Naturally, I gravitate toward nail polishes with coffee names. I was really excited to run across this cute nail sticker on a sheet of kawaii type foods and things from Born Pretty Store (unfortunately don't think it's still available) to adorn my coffee mani!

The lighter shade is Milani Morning Coffee, and the drips of dark brown on the ring finger are Milani Dark Coffee. Morning Coffee is actually very warm, almost pinkish in tone, so that when you put it next to other light brown polishes, it looks blush-colored. Dark Coffee is a favorite of mine - it's that rich dark brown that is kind of a staple in your color palette, a la OPI Suzy Loves Cowboys (but at a fraction of the price - I got my Milanis at a dollar store!)

My favorite mug from which to drink my morning coffee is your classic glazed mug in golden yellow. It looks rather nice with my nails, and the backdrop of rich purple that is my favorite sheets! I think my preferred coffee is more the color of Sinful Colors Nirvana than any of my actual coffee-themed nail polishes ... ah well, everything can't be perfect.

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