Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gaga Greige - Essie Master Plan

No greige collection would be complete without Essie Master Plan. I've worn it before I just didn't take pictures of it at the time - it's one of my favorites. It's a really surprising polish - I remember when I first looked at it, I thought, no, this is just your average light tan. But when you put it next to light Caucasian skin, something magic happens! It does look tan in some lights, including apparently the one in which I took these photos, but the contrast of the grey, purple, and tan next to the pink in my skin is dramatic and interesting while being the same general shade. In other lights, the purple really comes out, which is the hallmark of a real "greige" IMO. 

I'm always going to associate this color with Lady Gaga. She got me into greige in the first place, and when I looked up the actual shade she wore for that period in her style career, it was this one.

This is for you, Mama Monster!


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