Sunday, June 21, 2015



I'm completely obsessed. Thank you IFC!! I used to watch that channel all the time in college for the uncut movies, now I'm watching it every Sunday morning for Monkees randomness ... I'm hooked after about 2 weekends. Delightful mix of Monty Python, American kitsch, and actual good music. More under the cut ...

              nope animated GIF                        The Monkees Lololol animated GIF  Frustrated The Monkees animated GIF  Life Ruiner The Monkees animated GIF The Monkees Happy Birthday Babies animated GIF  Smooth The Monkees animated GIF The Monkees Monkees animated GIF Wow The Monkees animated GIF Life Ruiner The Monkees animated GIF Tv Disgusted animated GIF Christmas Psychedelic animated GIF

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